We stayed in hostel miles during the freezing month of January. We couldn't have asked for a better location or friendlier staff. All the facilities were great. The room was bright, clean and always nice and warm. I can't recommend this hostel highly enough, it's perfect!

January 5, 2017

The place was located in a prime location and had many restaurants and very close to the Metro station. The only thing we found here bad was that the kitchen was very small and less number of bathrooms. We were 5 students but managed our bath timings. It was clean, quiet and organized. The receptionists were always there to assist us and even gave us a heads up before Christmas about the shops and restaurants being closed. Luckily we were prepared. We were in a 7-bed dorm with 2 bunk beds.

December 22, 2016

We stayed in a double room with shared bathroom. The room was a good size with all the basic necessities e.g. double bed, clothes rail, hair dryer, table, chairs etc. There is also a kitchen with free tea and coffee, plus a common room.
We stayed in Prague for 3 nights and hostel miles hosted us with friendly attitude, always happy to help.
The location is the best attribute, situated on one of the main city squares of Prague and only 20 yards from a Metro station.

Ideal for budget and couple travellers.

Joshua R
October 5, 2016

You have to get buzzed in to the building every time you want to enter which is comforting. The beds are surprisingly soft and the sheets are clean! The kitchen is small and busy in the morning but it's functional. Showers are clean. The common room is spacious. It's right at the start of Wencesclas Square so it's about a ten to twenty minute walk to the main attractions. Well worth the money.

October 2, 2016

It's cheap and the location is great. But that's it. The staff varies, some are nice, some are- I guess- not suited for the hospitality business. The hostel has a lot of flaws which could be easily fixed but according to the previous reviews, are postponed. For example, the blinds and the AC. Then there is a serous molt issue in one of the showers closest to the girls dorm. The interior is dated and worn out. The upsides are the location and the lockers under the bed, they're spacious.

August 18, 2016

Stayed with four friends and got a room for ourselves with four beds. The rooms are frugally furnished with one bed and one storage compartment for each visitor. The hostel is located on the top floor of a five storey building, meaning that our room had the sun shining through the windows, straight into our room. Since we stayed there in July, it got quite hot, and it didn't get any better by having a broken AC in the room. Waking up in a sauna at 8 o'clock in the morning ain't that fun, specially if you came home from the club a few hours earlier...

The hostel has free WiFi but it weren't that fast or stable, but it mostly worked enough to be able to check some messages and mails.

The toilets and showers are shared with the rest of the guests since it's a hostel. There are two showers avaliable so there might be some waiting if several guests wants to shower at the same time, but this is a minor remark.

+Great location, just a few minutes away from most tourist attractions.
+Low prices
-Very hot rooms during the summer

Dennis P
July 27, 2016

My boyfriend and I had a double room to ourselves at hostel miles for our stay in Prague. The hostel was located in a great spot. Everything was easy to reach by foot and metro/tram station was nearby as well. The hostel was clean and had all the necessities you would need. The hostel didn't have many activities going on though. Very quiet, hard to meet others. The receptionist check us in and gave us many brochures but didn't really give us any information about what special events are going on that week. When we asked about whether he would recommend any of the events in the brochures he handed is, he doesn't seem to know any information about it nor tried it himself. Overall, the environment was good but the vibe and atmosphere was not very welcoming. Great hostel if your just looking for a comfortable place to stay but if your looking to meet others and make friends, best find another place.

June 29, 2016

Great central location, we didn't need to use public transport once. The staff were all very helpful and friendly. Con: no oven in the kitchen. Pro: the receptionist bought the pizzas we'd bought off us when we realised there was no oven - she didn't have to, much appreciated! They also changed our leftover CZK back to euros when we left. We had a very loud stag party in the next room which was annoying, but not really the hostel's fault.

June 17, 2016

We stayed at a double bedroom, it was spacious and not too dirty. Don't expect hotel services, and you won't have to be disappointed - it is at a great location, reasonably quiet, and if you want little more than a bed to sleep in, it's great. Only complaint is that the heat was on the circles of hell setting, and it took a while for the room to cool.

Noemi N
February 5, 2016

Excellent location. On the Vodickova street. Near Wensceslas Square. Everything is practically walking distance. There is a tram stop and metro stop across the road and lot of eating options around. There is a small signboard on the building so dont miss it. For Sherlock Holmes fan, there is a cigar shop named Sherlock Holmes on the enterance of building, which can be used as a landmark to identify the building.

Hostel has basic facilities but very clean. Rooms and bathrooms are spacious. Good place if you are going to be out most of the day and just looking for a place to sleep at night. Beds wer not very comfortable. There is a huge bathroom down the hall with bathtub and full sized mirror. Although hostel's reception is only from 9 am till 11 pm, there is a security guard at the enterance of building. So its safe. The hostel has a storage place where we parked overnight our rented bicycles. There is softboard

We had a double room with shared bathroom but the bathroom was shared only with adjacent room And there was a door infront of the 2 rooms and the bathrooom. So it gave a feel of private appartment since the adjacent room was not occupied on 1st day. There were some people on the 2nd day but still gave a feeling of private appartment.

Didn't use the kitchen area. But They have desktops which can be used for free. There is a softbaord which marks the best pubs, places to see, shopping areas on a map. Gives a good refernce guide. Would suggest to spend 10 minutes to look at it. Will save lot of time in planning.

July 6, 2015